Restoring health through the EXPERTISE on hand.

Appasamy Hospitals has some of the finest medical brains to care for your health. Every department is headed by renowned professionals with the ability and skills to bring you the best possible remedies.

Restoring confidence through TECHNOLOGY.

Appasamy Hospitals has the latest technology and equipment on hand to aid accurate diagnosis and offer the modern treatment modalities.

Restoring comfort through PERSONAL CARE.

Appasamy Hospitals believes that happiness lies in the little things. Our extra care and a personalized approach go a long way in restoring faith and bringing in joy.

Restoring happiness through EMPATHY.

Appasamy Hospitals believes that physical health is intricately entwined in with the state of mind. We take extra effort to understand your state of mind, your anxietics and apprehensions. Our comprehensive care begins with a big dose of empathy that will case you into a happy state of mind.

Dispensing Health & Happiness.

When you come to Appasamy Hospital you get more than a cure. You get your confidence and faith restored. Our aims is that every patient leaves the hospital with a smile of happiness radiating good health.