Appasamy Medicare Centre Pvt. Ltd. are fast becoming a hub for international patients. We are proud to present the comprehensive packages designed to meet the needs of International customers. Patients and their families from many different countries have benefited from our decades of excellence in healthcare. These customers seek for expert opinions, diagnostics, procedures and surgeries, infertility treatment, legally approved transplants, and treatment for long term illnesses / diseases and rehabilitation / recovery.

Our Services ensures that our international customers receive excellent treatment and get all the possible support during their stay in our hospital.

International Patient FAQ’S

Where the doctors have been trained?

The doctors working for Dr. Appasamy’s have got their education in the best medical schools in India. Most of the doctors have got training, specialised or worked in the health care hubs. The doctors attend regularly international congresses both as speakers and attendees.

What is the temperature like in India?

Chennai is located at the Bay of Bengal, the state of Andhra Pradesh bordering from northwest, and the states of Kerala and Karnataka on its western side. Being situated at the tropical zone, Chennai has a hot and humid climate. The hottest months are from May to July with maximum temperatures 38-42 蚓 (100-107 蚌), and the coolest period is from December to January, with minimum temperatures 18-20 蚓 (64-68 蚌).