Sometimes minutes can be the difference. Such medical emergencies are critical and demand a rapid response. When time is of the essence the Emergency department rises to the occasion.

Appasamy Hospitals Emergency Department is equipped to handle all emergency situations including Coronary Care, Brain Injury and Critical ward for treating multi system disease and multi organ failure patients. The ED is specially equipped to handle Poly-trauma victims, patients having head, chest, and abdomen and limb injury at the same time as with accident victims with 24-hour X-Ray, Diagnostic laboratories.

In an emergency please

  • Bring your previous records
  • Bring the current medication list
  • Leave valuables at home

Points to remember

  • After the initial assessment at the ED there is no first-come first-served basis. The most critical patients are given priority.
  • While waiting for assistance if condition changes for the worse inform the nurse immediately
  • Do not leave the ED without informing the nurse as your condition must be assessed before you leave.
  • Do not eat or drink anything as some tests require an empty stomach
  • Have only one friend or family member wait with you. Avoid crowd.
  • Leave children at home.
  • Do not use cell phone as it may interface with certain patient care equipment.