Kidney problems are reportedly increasing in India. Caring for such patients require a blend of technology, quality nursing and clinical expertise. Appasamy Hospitals is well equipped to offer comprehensive care to patients with kidney problems.

Nephrology treats all kinds of renal diseases including acute and chronic renal diseases due to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stone disease and infections.

Renal Clinic

Consultations for “kidney ailments” are available daily. Cost effective evaluation, patient education and diet counseling are the cornerstones of outpatient care. Therapy for maximizing protection of kidney function is the primary aim.

In Patient Services

Prompt inpatient consultations are offered for hospitalized patients with renal problems. All necessary diagnostic tests are available at our hospital to enable decision making and offer therapy promptly.


We offer outpatients dialysis in a facility adjacent to the hospital. The unit operates with standard systems and processes to provide quality patient care in a friendly atmosphere.